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7 Tips For Better Family Photos With Your Smartphone

7 Tips For Better Family Photos With Your Smartphone

Practical Photography Guides for Parents

As a family-oriented photographer, I understand how important it is to capture precious moments with our loved ones. With today’s smartphones boasting impressive camera capabilities, there’s no need to invest in expensive equipment to get great photos. While it’s always a good idea to hire a photographer to document the whole family, parents often take on the role of photographer. In this guide, we’ll share our top tips and tricks to help you capture stunning photographs of your family that you’ll cherish for decades.

Tip #1

Lighting Is Key

When it comes to photography, lighting is everything. The way light falls on your subject can make or break a photo. Light can change the mood, highlight features, and even create shadows that add depth. The best pictures get made when there’s plenty of natural light available. When taking photos indoors, position your subject near a window or an open door to let in as much natural light as possible. If you’re photographing outside, avoid the harsh midday sun and opt for early morning or late afternoon when the light is softer and more flattering. 

Tip #2

Find Interesting Angles

Experimenting with different angles can take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary. Instead of taking a straight-on photo of your subject, try crouching down or standing on a chair to get a unique perspective. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your shots, even if it means lying on the ground or climbing a tree to get the perfect angle! You’ll be amazed at the difference a shift in perspective can make. 

Tip #3

Get Up Close And Personal

One of the advantages of using a smartphone for photography is its ability to get up close and personal with your subject. Use the zoom feature to get up close to your family member. Be careful not to zoom in too much, as this can result in a grainy or blurry image. Instead, move closer to your subject and capture those details that make your family unique, such as their freckles or dimples. 

Tip #4

Use The Rule Of Thirds

The ‘Rule of Thirds’ is the photography principle of dividing an image horizontally and vertically into nine equal parts. Think, Tic-Tac-Toe board! The idea is to place your subject or points of interest on one of the intersections, creating a more visually pleasing and balanced photo. Most smartphone cameras have a grid feature that you can enable to help you apply this rule. 

Tip #5

Edit Your Photos

While taking great photos is ideal, editing can take your photos to the next level. Most smartphones include editing tools that help us adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. Many applications provide filters and effects, which can also enhance the overall aesthetic of a photograph. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different editing techniques to find the style that best suits your family’s photos. Remember, editing should enhance your photos, not overpower them.

Tip #6

Don’t Forget The Candid Shots

Sometimes, the best photos are taken when your family doesn’t realize the camera is on. Candid shots can capture those fleeting moments of joy, laughter, and love that can be hard to pose for. Try to take photos of your family when they’re engaged in fun activities like playing in the park or cooking together in the kitchen.

Tip #7

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any skill, photography takes practice to master. Take the time to experiment with different techniques and settings on your smartphone camera, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. With practice, you’ll develop your style and be able to capture stunning photos of your family that you’ll be proud to share.


Capturing beautiful photos of your family with a smartphone is easier than you think. By adopting these tips and tricks, you’ll create images that capture the essence of your family’s love and joy. Remember to experiment with lighting, angles, and editing, and don’t forget to practice!