Family, Senior, and Headshot Portrait Photographer in Vancouver, Washington.

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Hi, I’m Ryan

Sessions with me are light-hearted. It’s how I am around everyone, friends, family, and clients. My personality tends to get along with everyone. I generally find it easy to discover shared interests or experiences, and I use those to break down any nervousness or apprehension about the session.

Ryan Katsanes, photographer

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Ryan Katsanes, photographer

If you’re looking for a photographer and you connect with my work, I would love to chat with you and explore working together!

Why I Became A Photographer in Vancouver, Washington

Having spent just under 20 years in IT as an engineer and then as a consultant, I was burnt out. Since moving to Vancouver back in 2008, I’ve developed a sense of pride in “our side of the river”, and I wanted to join the local business community. For over 15 years, I wanted to do photography full-time instead of just part-time, so in 2018, I decided to go for it.
Today, I aim to provide excellent customer service, refined products, a phenomenal experience, and fantastic photography for my customers in Vancouver and the greater Portland metropolitan area.

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I’m here to help you achieve exceptional results.