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Portrait session details for you…

Senior portrait season typically kicks off during the summer after your junior year. My schedule is now open for bookings. Contrary to popular belief, senior portraits are not usually taken during your senior year. This is because yearbook portrait submission deadlines are in the fall, so most seniors opt for their photos to be taken in the summer before their senior year begins.

Here’s why June and July are great months for senior portraits:

  1. Ample Availability: Since you’re on summer break, there’s greater availability for appointment slots.
  2. Beautiful Weather: June and July offer lovely weather. Most of the rainy days have passed, and the scorching heat of late summer is yet to arrive.
  3. Scenic Outdoor Locations: Outdoor settings are stunning, with lush green grass, blooming flowers, and trees adorned with leaves.
  4. Beat the Rush: You avoid the last-minute appointment scramble and the hassle of juggling your session with school commitments.

August and September are also popular choices:

  1. Golden Hour Magic: Late summer evenings provide a warm, golden glow that’s hard to beat.
  2. Beautiful Outdoors: Outdoor locations remain picturesque, and if you desire a rustic, golden field, this is the ideal time.
  3. Warm Weather: Be prepared for warm temperatures, especially if you’re sensitive to heat.
  4. Book Early: Appointments fill quickly, especially on weekends, so it’s advisable to book early.

For those considering October and beyond, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Know Your Yearbook Deadline: Understand your school’s yearbook submission deadline. The entire process, from planning to final viewing and purchasing, typically takes 4-5 weeks, so schedule your shoot at least a month before the submission cutoff.
  2. Earlier Scheduling: Due to shorter daylight hours, outdoor sessions must be scheduled earlier in the day than in the summer.
  3. Fall Colors: Fall can offer breathtaking colors, and there are plenty of picturesque locations in the area.
  4. Weather Concerns: October often brings cooler weather and an increased chance of rain. As a precaution, we always reserve a backup date for October sessions.

Regardless of your chosen month, it’s vital to secure your spot on the calendar as soon as possible. As a boutique studio, I limit the number of seniors I accommodate each fall to maintain the level of service I’m known for.

Typically, I do! You’re welcome to do it, but it’s included in your session fee. I know the technical details for submitting yearbook portraits, and I’m happy to submit them on your behalf. If you prefer to do it yourself, I can certainly send you the optimized version(s) to submit. Please confirm your school’s submission deadline. Usually, portraits are due between September and November of your senior year. Submitting every client’s yearbook portrait on time and to the right person is my primary concern. I will send confirmation once your portrait has been submitted.

Absolutely!  I encourage you to bring someone that will help you feel comfortable, and even better if it helps you have more fun. It is even better if they can help with your things! We can include your friend or your parent(s) in a few portraits towards the end of your session if you’d like. If that’s of interest, let’s remind them to come camera-ready! 

Pets are like family and can be a considerable part of our lives. I am happy to include your pet in some of your portraits. The only thing I require is that you bring someone who will be responsible for the pet when we are not photographing it.

If we’re in the city, I’ll typically guide us to a coffee shop or similar. We can stay for a drink! You can use their bathroom to change and touch up your hair and makeup. If we’re someplace where there isn’t a coffee shop around, I’ll have a pop-up changing tent with me. The changing tent is about the size of a phone booth, and we can set it up almost anywhere. 

Of course, we sometimes have unexpected emergencies that will prevent us from keeping our original scheduled session. If this happens to us, I ask that you call, text, or email me as soon as possible so we can discuss the situation (even if briefly until a later time).

I am happy to reschedule your portrait session, especially if you notify me at least a day before our scheduled date. Our next opportunity to get together will be based on our mutual availability.

Your session fee is non-refundable, however, you generally won’t ever lose your fees. Although it’s never happened, we must talk should you flake on our session without a call, text, or email. So, please don’t do that! Outside of no-showing, I’m very reasonable!

I always watch the weather closely as session dates and times approach.  If it looks like the weather won’t cooperate at all, we’ll reschedule for a day/time as soon as possible.

For sessions booked in or beyond October, the chance of unfavorable weather increases, so we can try to schedule a backup date during our planning discussion.

Every portrait delivered is professionally retouched unless requested otherwise.  Before the reveal, I keep retouching to a bare minimum because I want you to look like yourself, but I also want your input on any fine details before the final retouching. Some clients request that I retouch more heavily than others, and that’s OK, but I will not go beyond realistic-looking portrait retouching.

We retouch every portrait purchased. Retouching entails cleaning up blemishes, prominent stray hairs, eyeglasses glare, removing lint, and things of that nature. Additional retouching, such as body shaping or removal of certain features or flaws, is also included, but on an as-needed or as-requested basis.

Please! Social media is an excellent way to share photos with friends and family!  All purchased portraits are yours to do with whatever you wish.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would share your images as delivered without cropping or altering the look. If you need some images cropped differently than delivered, feel free to ask me to do it for you! If you would really like to alter your images drastically, you’re free to do so, but in that case, I ask that you not tag me or my business. My clients hire me because they expect images consistent with my style, so I appreciate your understanding.

For unaltered images that you’d like to tag me in, please use @KatsanesPhotography or simply credit me as Ryan Katsanes. Thank you!


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