Day of…

  • What if it rains on the day our session is scheduled?

    • If it looks like rain is unavoidable on the day of our session, we will plan to reschedule for another time, as soon as mutually possible. If there is a workable solution to keep our date, despite rain, we can certainly discuss that as well!

  • Can I bring a friend, family member or significant other to our session?

    • Absolutely! Having someone there to help ensure you’re feeling comfortable, relaxed and having fun, by all means it’s encouraged.

  • Is it okay to include our/my pet?

    • Pets are family. If you’d like to include your pet, that’s great! Please be sure to bring along someone who can help watch the animal if need be.

  • Can someone else, or can I take photos during our session too?

    • Behind the scenes (BTS) shots are OK via mobile device, but no official poses or photos can be made by anyone but Katsanes Photography during our session.


After our session…

  • Can I post your images to my social media?

    • Please feel free to use any photos you’ve purchased on social media! You may not use filters or edits of any kind, only post images as-delivered. We encourage you to tag us @katsanesphotography when posting online, but it’s not required.

  • When and how will you deliver the images from our session?

    • Your images will be delivered typically within a week of our shoot. We use a service that will create a secure, online album where you can download copies, order prints and share with friends and family. You’ll also get your own mobile “app” containing the images from our shoot as well!