30 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer

Picking the right wedding photographer is such an important step in the wedding planning process. Your photographer is the one who will be documenting your memories for you and your family to visit time and time again.

Before reaching out to a prospective photographer, their website/portfolio should speak to you at a gut level. You can expect to receive similar photographer to what you’re seeing in their portfolio. You can’t expect the photographer to bend their style to fit your needs, and frankly, if they’re willing to then that’s a red flag! The good news is there are tons of great photographers out there, and what separates them from each other is their personality, customer service, and overall demeanor. You want to find a photographer that you connect with, ideally on multiple levels, and who you feel comfortable being around since they’ll be present at one of the most important days of your life.

Every photographer you’re considering should easily be able to provide at minimum an acceptable answer to every question below. Ideally, they will provide the answer you’re expecting to hear for everyone, and you feel confident that they mean it!

General Questions:

  1. How would you describe your photographic style?

  2. How would you describe how you work?

  3. What sets you apart from other photographers?

  4. Is it OK for other people to take pictures during our shoot, wedding, event, etc.?

  5. How many final images can I expect to see?

Wedding Specific:

  1. Do you have my date available?

  2. How long have you been in business?

  3. Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding? If so, do you have an assistant?

  4. Do or can you provide a second photographer?

  5. Have you shot many weddings at my wedding’s size?

  6. Have you shot many weddings at my wedding style?

  7. Do you have a full wedding example you could show me?

  8. Do you shoot in digital, film, or both?

  9. Do you specialize in indoor, outdoor, or both?

  10. Have you ever worked with my planner, videographer, venue?

  11. Do or can you work from a shot list provided by me?

  12. What time will you arrive?

  13. Do you have liability insurance?

  14. Do you have packages, and if so are they customizable?

  15. Do you provide engagement sessions with your wedding packages?

  16. Do you require a deposit, if so, how much is it?

  17. What information will you need from me before booking?

  18. What information will you need from me after booking?

  19. Do you offer payment plans?

  20. If I hire you, when will you provide a written contract?

  21. What is your refund/cancellation policy?

  22. Do you retouch, color correct, edit your images?

  23. How long after the wedding will it be before I receive my proofs?

  24. Will you provide the digital negatives so that I can print myself?

  25. May I have a list of references or a link to reviews?

BONUS: 4 Questions to ask yourself…

  1. Do you feel comfortable talking with and/or being around this photographer?

  2. Does this photographer’s portfolio speak to me?

  3. Does this photographer speak in clear terms and with concern for my needs?

  4. Does this photographer's communication style work for me?